T1M The Pearl

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Date: 11/24/2018 at 8:02 PM
By: StrongerThanDirt

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Overall it's the absolute best combo OD I've ever used. I love the Bluesbreakers and their variants, many/most TS variants, the D types and dozens in between. They all have their place. In this case, the Pearl is a perfect mate for a Pro/5E3 hybrid as a small grab N' go setup. The light OD side, using asymmetrical clipping, is about as clear and uncolored as a distortion pedal can be. Using symmetrical clipping or lifting the diodes are both great too but for me, the switch toward the center yields the most uniform and smooth grit imaginable. The medium OD side at around noon cranks up the Marshal-esque tones in spades. Depending on where you set the clipper, A-sym, etc., just like the other side, you can venture into some pretty over the top grind. Not for me, but not unpleasant either. It still retains a very musical character. My only complaint is the PtP wiring. Not that it isn't well done but I worry a little bit about one of the wire connections breaking while I swap opamps. I know, I know... put one in and leave it. Which BTW, is currently a tie between an OPA2604, an NE5532, and an AD712.
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