Moog MF-105M Moogerfooger Midi Murf Analog Filter

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Date: 05/17/2015 at 08:53 AM
By: Alien8

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A unique chameleon with hidden features making this box a strong studio tool with live possibilities that haven't been fully explored. Ultimately the effect is rhythm based filtering, however the midi features provide an extended and complex ability to take it far beyond its 24 per programmed patterns. Control Voltage inputs also provide some very useful live abilities that make the effect just as at home in a live setting.

This pedal satisfies and exceeds as a number of different effects; a good sounding distortion box with its Equalizing abilities; an advanced tremolo with variable wave shaping and panning; a pseudo phaser that fills space well while still being unique in tone; even some ring mod sounds are available. As the MuRF effect however there are so many possibilities for sound and timing that your head will spin. There are so many creative uses for this effect, especially via the VST and stand alone app. There are bug eith the app that are really annoying and I wish Soundtower would just admit and fix.

This effect is great on any instrument, but a user with a strong MIDI rig and knowledge will really make this thing do some amazing stuff. Out of the box on a pedalboard you have a great sounding and versatile effect however managing various sounds can make it feel like a one trick pony - which it certainly is not. It's a single setting effect that begs the user to find creative ways to vary its sounds. When you learn it the rewards are superb, but it does take time to get to know.

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