Maxon 9-Series CS-9 Stereo Chorus Pro Pedal

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Date: 05/01/2014 at 01:28 AM
By: zedthewizard

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This was the only stomp box that I had as a younger person so, I replaced it years later. I kind of used it as a bright distortion box back then. Everything is quality with this pedal; including the price. However, when I began using it last year again, I did feel it was a bit digitized for me; though it could be an analog pedal. The interesting feature of an inverse relationship between delay time and something else was what I had used for 'distortion' years ago when, I knew nothing. I had also recently read that it had some issues with humbuckers. One must wonder why this pedal resales for less than half of it's new price. So, I sold mine, and I bought an all analog natural sounding chorus that I really like a lot.

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