Keeley Electronics Red Dirt Professional Overdrive

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Date: 06/01/2015 at 10:37 AM
By: zedthewizard

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I received my Pro Red Dirt today, and I have to say that you know where the extra dollars went. The PRD almost doesn't seem based on another pedal, but has a life of it's own. The pedal clearly provides a tube amp like experience; but overall, my impression is one of high end studio grade gear such as the Aurora and the Recino pedals. That is, as with everything Keeley Electronics - no one thing is overdone so as to take away from the whole. The Pro Red Dirt or "Tube Creamer" had a fairly short tryout with two guitars. Just a great pedal - I will mostly use it for rock n roll such as early The Beatles, Tom Petty, CCR, etc.

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