Keeley Compressor Guitar Effect Pedal

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Date: 11/02/2015 at 6:22 PM
By: DerekOwenDoss

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Years and years ago, when I switched from being a "dirty and clean" only guy who just used the onboard OD in my amp and a tuning pedal to being a full on pedal fanatic, the Keeley Compressor was one of my first serious acquisitions. This is another pedal that I have always on and only notice when it is off. It does what compressors do, evens out my volume and gives me an extra bit of sustain (I have the 2 knobs set at about 10 and 2 respectively). But if I messing around or doing some overdubs, I can crank it and get endless feedback on tap. There are a lot of other great compressors out there but I cannot see myself parting with the Keeley any time soon.

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