Devi Ever: FX Eye of God

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Date: 11/10/2015 at 7:48 PM
By: DerekOwenDoss

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Maybe you've heard this joke but there's some truth to it: "Not sure if this Devi Ever Pedal is broken or working perfectly." This pedal definitely falls into the "Toy/Limited Use" category for me. Too weird for bar band applications but too cool to sell. I've had mine for a year and barely got the hang of it, to be honest. I ended up hand labeling the inputs and outputs on it since my poor little brain could not keep them straight. Because it interacts with different pedals in different ways you wouldn't really want to pin it to your board. Unless you have doubles of your pedals it can be tricky to pull them all the way out of your chain to use with the EoG. But when I'm in the for making endless, caterwauling sheets of psychedelic noise, I dust this thing off and plug it in. I've found that using it with the EQD Afterneath can be horrendous fun.

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