Behringer RV600 Reverb Pedal

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Date: 05/03/2015 at 10:01 AM
By: Robert Abernathy

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The Behringer Reverb Machine is basically a clone of Line6's Verbzilla. It features 11 different reverb types and lets you alter their tone, mix, decay, time and even has a trails on/off switch.

Pros: The Reverb Machine actually sounds OK. I personally liked the echo, hall and 63' spring settings. I like being able to play with the tone of the reverb too. It's great that the trails switch is on the outside. It also has stereo ins and outs which is nice. The reverbs go pretty deep. The only modulation it does is the shimmer mode, which sounds very synthy. The 63' spring actually has a fair amount of "drip" although anyone who owns a real spring tank would chuckle at how it sounds. But to most people, the reverbs are not bad at all. The Reverb Machine is also super cheap, especially considering all of the features.

Cons: The Reverb Machine has many drawbacks. The fact that this is a cheap copy/clone of Line6's Verbzilla degrades the cool factor immediately. The construction is also not professional. The pedal is plastic and the input and output jacks are plastic also and not metal. The LED light is blinding and makes it very difficult to change settings on stage. The reverb selector switch has no dentations when you switch from 1 reverb to another, which isn't a problem in your bedroom, but will be difficult in a live setting. ... and this thing also sucks your tone in a major way.

The Shimmer is not a pristine choir of angels, it's more like a pristine casio keyboard from the 80's -which can be cool if your aim is experimental.

The Reverb Machine is very cheap and a good starting point if you're not sure about spending hundreds of dollars on a reverb computer. Mine is not on my board, but I've kept it (not much resell value) and pull it out from time to time.

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