Zeibek StarBlaster

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StarBlaster (AKA Starship) is designed to be many things at once. When tone control is set to center and the blast is off, you can use it as a buffer to eliminate the treble loss of long cables and multiple pedals. It works really well as a clean preamp; it sounds crystal clear, yet warm and articulate. It can be used as a clean booster AND a treble booster depending on the tone control setting, it is especially useful for solo boosting and fattening up the lead guitar. It shines when used with tube amps. Dual JFET gain stages ensure stable output with an unbelievable signal-to-noise ratio while its low impedance output can drive a power amp with juice to spare. StarBlaster would make a great addition to any professional guitarist’s pedal board. A true jack of all trades, which manages to be the master of all!


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