Zeibek FussDrive

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The sound of 60s and 70s is blended with more modern sounds in this little fuzz box. This unit does have the vintage vibe, however, it is not a classic fuzz pedal. FussDrive sounds “harsh” in a good way and has “more than usual” gain. FussDrive does have character. Although It is based on most-loved original fuzz face, it has its own unique tone. The two adjectives we can’t use to describe FussDrive are “smooth” and “warm”, because it wasn’t designed to sound like that. It really has a complex, in-your-face type biting tone. Cleans up well with the guitar’s volume pot. Harmonics are ready to jump out of your amp and It is very sensitive to picking dynamics with lots of overtones! You will not only hear lower treble frequencies, but also feel the bass and presence. When the other fuzz pedals do not cut it for you, FussDrive will!


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