Zeibek BuxomDrive

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We all know how easy it is to muddy up the perfect tone if too much bass is used. On the other hand, we want our sound to be thick and fat all the time. That’s where BuxomDrive swoops in! BuxomDrive can be as buxom as you want it to be. Just use the tone control to add fatness into your tone and don’t be afraid of sounding muddy or overpowering. We took care of that for you! It has a complex saturation and fairly high gain for a fuzz pedal, but manages to stay faithful to the original signal. You easily recognize your guitar after it is fuzzified! It is a real fuzz pedal as well; you can literally hear the top of sine waves being chopped off. Unlike the conventional approach, the tone control affects the low frequencies. Default position is 12 o’clock. To increase the bass response (to fatten up the tone), turn it clock-wise. If you want less fundamental bass in your fuzz tone, turn it counter clock-wise. It is designed to make the whole rotation usable, so feel free to try both ends of the extremes. Intense mode and Mellow mode are exactly how they sound; BuxomDrive can do both fuzz tones with ease. If you want a fuzz that would still stay articulate at any amount of bass dialed in and has a rather unique sound, this is your pedal. It is gritty and warm at the same time. Very low signal to noise ratio is the icing on the cake!


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