Zeibek AmpleDrive

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AmpleDrive is, literally, a scaled down non-master volume tube amp head. It has a preamp section equivalent of two 12ax7 tubes biased for higher gain, a passive tone stack, a push-pull power amp section and an output transformer. You don’t believe us? Plug its output to a guitar cabinet (not to the amp, only to the speaker) and crank the pedal’s volume! You will be amazed to hear the hard working glass sound while quieter-than-conversational volume while AmpleDrive works as a guitar head. You will enjoy both medium gain preamp distortion and sweet tube amp compression, with even the slight transformer break-up. The difference between AmpleDrive and every other pedal is its extremely tube-like tone, plus that familiar “rubbery” tube amp feel is present to a degree. Please do not confuse AmpleDrive with so-called digital “amp simulators”. It is 100% analog and it is designed to be the real deal. Unlike other comparable preamps, it also successfully emulates the cranked power amp tone. The only base it doesn’t cover is the “fake” high gain distortion sounds, just as a real amp wouldn’t. It’s tremendously useful as a direct-recording preamp when used with a cabinet simulator (i.e. Microcab, Ampulator). It eliminates hassles of electric guitar recording (very high volume, mic setup, etc) and it does not sound lifeless as the modeling units does. Oh… And you can use it as a headphone amp, too!


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