Seymour Duncan Sfx-02 Tweak Fuzz Pedal

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The Seymour Duncan Tweak Fuzz is a unique fuzz effects pedal that incorporates a 6-position Tweak knob letting you voice your fuzz tone the way you want it. The basic tone is a rich, lush, vintage fuzz tone, but by selecting any of the preset tone circuits and playing with the Gain knob you can create myriad unique fuzz tones. The Seymour Duncan footpedal has Volume, Gain, and Tweak controls. True bypass runs on 9V battery or 9V DC power supply.The Tweak control engages one of 6 preset EQ resonances that color the overall tone of the Tweak Fuzz, rolling off the bottom end and influencing the behavior of the Gain control. Each of the 6 frequencies was chosen and voiced to enhance rich harmonics and bring out the most flattering qualities of your guitar or bass. The Gain knob controls the amount of square wave clipping distortion, making your tone go from mildly distorted to all-out fuzz fury. The Volume control sets the overall level. True bypass circuitry completely removes the effect pedal from your guitar's signal chain, allowing your guitar's signal to pass through the Tweak Fuzz without affecting your tone or gain. Durable, heavy-duty 1.6mm steel sheet metal construction.Rich, vintage fuzz toneTweak knob re-voices the tone with 6 preset EQ resonancesGain, Volume, and Tweak knobsClass A, low-noise transistor circuit1.6mm steel constructionDC 9V battery or regulated 9-12V DC adapter power


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