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The Red Witch Titan delay pedal offers a triumvirate of time tantalizers for you to create an array of truly unique and original delay sounds. Voiced for the ultimate analog-styled sound, the Red Witch Titan provides 3 - 800ms delays. Red Witch Titan uses a classic analog delay compander to ensure the ultimate recreation of analog-flavored delay, which works hand-in-hand with their more contemporary delay engines. Add to this a modulation loop on the first delay plus all the other goodies you normally expect from a Red Witch delay, and you'll be delaying to your heart's content in no time flat. D stands for Delay time. Oddly enough this is the control that sets the delay time anywhere up to 800 milliseconds. Set it real short for almost reverby sounds, or real long for psychedelic meanderings. F stands for Feedback, or regeneration. It basically determines how many repeats the Titan delay gives you get each time you play a note. Set it fully counterclockwise for only one repeat or set fully clockwise to tip it into out-of-control self oscillation. M stands for Mix, meaning the blend of wet and dry. Set fully counterclockwise you get the dry (clean, unaffected) signal. Set it fully clockwise and you get a louder delay repeat than the original signal. This control is really importantsetting all 3 M controls set the Red Witch Titan to just produce a totally unaffected, clean signal. Turn up the M control on delay one and you'll get just delay one. Want to add some of delay 2 to the festivities? Just bring up the M control on Delay 2. Not enough goodness for you? Turn up the M control on delay 3 to bring in the sound of the third delay. Let the good times roll. A toggle switch sets the Titan delay into parallel mode. In parallel the signal is fed to the front of all 3 delays, then simultaneously processed and the output of all 3 delays is blended together. In series mode the signal is fed to the first delay on the right-hand side then fed into the input of delay 2 then fed to the input of delay 3 and sent to the pedal output. Set the switch to the left for Parallel Mode or to the right for Series Mode. Series Mode has a slightly louder wet signal due to the stacked gain stages. The bottom sockets on the sides of the Titan delay are for the effects loop. You simply attach the effect of your choice as follows: the Titan right effects loop socket connects to the other pedal's input socket and the Titan's left effects loop socket attaches to the other pedal's output socket. The shiny chrome footswitch brings the effect into the signal path by clicking this one. Truebypass switching.Dela controls Feedback controls Mix controls Toggle switch Effects Loop Footswitch


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