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The Tritone Drive is an original, versatile overdrive and distortion guitar effect pedal. It was inspired by and developed with Dave Anderson at Tritone Guitars in St. Louis, MO. Our goal was to develop a great-sounding, flexible, hand-built overdrive pedal that is affordable for the average player. The Tritone Drive's initial gain/drive stage "soft-clips" the signal resulting in a warm, mild overdrive sound that still gets pretty crunchy with the Drive control maxed out. With the "Mode" switch, two additional "hard-clip" stages can be selected separately to provide more drive and distortion at lower volume. A Baxandall tone-stack circuit provides the ability to boost and cut frequencies with separate Bass and Treble controls, which makes the Tritone Drive a very flexible tone-shaping tool. An overall master Volume control allows you to set the output at the desired level compared to your clean sound. Tritone Drives are hand-built using quality hardware and components in a sturdy metal box. The pedals can be powered with a 9V power supply (BOSS-style negative-ground connector) or a 9V battery.


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