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Rarely do the worlds of studio gear and effects pedals collide; expensive studio pieces aren't compact enough or built for stomping or the rigors of the road and stage. Many effects pedals exhibit too high a noise floor, or require a lot of babying in order to be properly utilized in a studio. Be that as it may, Pettyjohn Electronics has developed the missing link: an ultra-high end piece of studio equipment masquerading as an effects pedal. Meet the Predrive. Despite its handsome, rugged enclosure and footswitches, calling the Predrive an "effects pedal" is almost a slight. An "effect" implies something a player would turn on and off, using it only when a part calls for a little extra something. Predrive users may find themselves never turning the unit off. In fact, the Predrive is a stout, robust studio-grade preamp. How often do you turn something like that off in the studio? Built with ultra high quality components such as high-voltage Wima film capacitors and low-noise discrete operational amplifiers, the Predrive is designed to sit first in the chain, before all else. It contains controls such as Vari-Z, which is a three-way toggle meant to adapt to any pickups you might use. There's also a buffered tuner output: say goodbye to that tone-sucking tuner out on your volume pedal. Remember that bit about the Predrive being a studio piece? It's not just the premium parts; the pedal also offers a direct out for recording. Imagine this: you're in the basement (or what have you) and you come up with a killer riff.


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