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The Wise Guy is a new take on the popular 2-in-1 overdrive pedal. Although based on the classic JRC4558D op-amp, this ain't your grandfathers ol' dirt box, the circuit is a brand new design! The Wise Guy was designed to achieve a mid-tone-voiced very transparent overdrive with the same sweet touch responsiveness you would expect to find in a good vintage amplifier. This pedal delivers unrivalled sustain and cleans up nicely when you back off on your guitars volume knob. Unlike most other overdrives and distortions, “boutique” or budget brands, the Wise Guy achieves its incredible warm tube-like overdrive without the common use of clipping diodes, but purely from cascading gain stages much like in a real tube amp, and is therefore classified as a True Overdrive. The Wise Guy is an excellent sound shaping tool for all genres of music, and the sparkle and tube-like clarity of the +15 dB independent boost will help drive your tube amp into overdrive or to be heard above the mix of the band when soloing in live situations.


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