Keeley True-Bypass Looper And Switcher

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Connect any effect to the True-Bypass Looper and Switcher Guitar Effects Pedal that is "old school" and not true-bypass. In particular vintage wahs, echoes, phasers, fuzz face type pedals, etc., or even new effects that might have a weak bypass system. These elderly effects rob tone when they are off. Now you can make them truly bypassed when off with the True-Bypass Looper and Switcher. Works with or without power. When you add a DC supply to this unit the two LED let you know if the loop is active or not. BLUE LED indicates your signal is passing through the vintage effect, RED LED indicates true-bypass.Use it as a multiple effects switcher. Add several effects in a chain and then switch them all on at once.Use it as a tuner mute switch. Plug a tuner in this box and not only prevent the tuner from draining away your tone, but tune in silence.The True-Bypass Looper and Switcher is only 1.5 inches wide and 3 2/3 inches long. This will fit in the tightest of pedal boards and offer you a dramatic improvement in tone.The Looper allows you to connect an effect (and that effect can always be left on!) to the upper set of jacks and then connect your guitar to the right hand lower jack and your amp to the lower left hand jack.The upper right hand jack is the Send and goes to the input of the effect you want to make true-bypass. The upper left hand jack is the Return and connects to the output of the effect.A RED LED lets you know the effect is in true-bypass.A BLUE LED lets you know that your sound is passing through the effect loop.You can connect several effects to the Looper in a chain. This will allow you turn on several effects at one time. For example, you can switch on a phaser and distortion pedal at the same time for a classic lead tone; just leave them ON.You can use the Looper as a tuner mute. Connect the tuner to the upper right hand jack and let your guitar signal pass through the lower two jacks. Stomp the switch for silent tuning! The Looper can be power with a 9V DC power supply (wall wart), but not batteries. You can also use the Looper without power; you will not have the dual LED indication, however. Since the unit is completely passive and a mechanical true-bypass is used, no power is needed for the switching to work.IMPORTANT NOTE:As with all true-bypass effects, switching is not perfectly silent. There may be some popping sound when you switch. To minimize this, leave the effect you want to make true-bypass ON, then switch the Looper footswitch 4-5 times to discharge any DC voltages. Running several effects or certain types of effects may make the popping louder or quieter depending on their design. A popping sound is not an indication that the looper is defective or not working. It is the small drawback to the great improvement in tone that takes place when poorly buffered effects are taken out of the loop (thus made true-bypass).Make an effect or group of effects True-BypassUse as a tuner switch to mute during tuningUse as an eff


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