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Our Funky, Hippie, Tripped-Out Envelope Filter/Auto Wah! This is something I've wanted to do for over a decade. Well, now it's here! The Keeley Neutrino gives you all the classic funk auto-wah sounds and that Jerry-In-A-Box sound. This dynamic wah sound is an effect based on your pick attack or strength. The harder you pick, the harder it "wahs"! Sounds bubble up from a deep rounded warmth to a shinning brilliance. Solo notes are individually expressive based on how hard you play. Create incredible vowel sounds... Can you say "Let's get it on"?!? Chord work stabs can sound right out of the disco dictionary on how to play that funky music white boy! We have used the classic opto-coupler design for a rich and warm depth to the effect. A simple set of controls let you explore a wealth of tones. This unit is designed to work with bass guitar and keyboards as well. Simply adjust the Gain to get it to trigger the way you want. Then, adjust the Peak control to set how much it "wahs". Inside you can set the direction with an easy to set slide switch. We have set it for a "Wah-Up" setting, the harder you pick the brighter it gets, the more it feels like you are pressing down on a wah pedal. The Range control adjusts what frequencies are being stressed HI or LO. Easily find your voicing.


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