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A VERY LIMITED EDITION OVERDRIVE The Drive for a Cure – A Robert Keeley and Peter Gusmano tuned overdrive! Guitarists are unique… They are passionate, committed to their skill and determined to give their all each time they plug in. The guitar acts as our voice to be heard, and leave a lasting impression day after day and night after night. What if that voice could also make a difference to all those who are suffering from ALS, or more well known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Keeley Electronics and Peter Gusmano’s Guitar for a Cure ™ are proud to introduce the limited edition “Drive for a Cure” Overdrive Pedal. Each of these limited boutique Overdrive pedals will not only shape your tone like never before, it will donate a portion of it’s proceeds from each pedal sold to Project ALS, the worlds leader in research and finding a cure. ALS is a uniformly fatal brain disease that targets cells called motor neurons in our spinal cords. As these cells die, people with ALS lose the ability to walk, speak, swallow, and breathe. ALS is usually fatal within 2-5 years. Project A.L.S. is a four star charity on Charity Navigator. Project A.L.S. has fast-tracked five transformational research strategies to combat ALS and the related neurodegenerative diseases Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s in the next three years. The Limited Edition “Drive For A Cure” is a very special thing for Keeley Electronics. We are committed to service in the community. Towards this end we have decided to design an overdrive pedal to only give you the best tones we can create, but to make donations towards Project ALS and Guitar for a Cure. The Drive for a Cure pedal has some very carefully selected design features. First we wanted to offer for the first time a Symmetry Switch. The Gain Switch controls the symmetry or the shape and size of your overdriven signal. With the switch to the left you get a symmetrically shaped clipping that has a bit more overdrive but at a slightly lower volume. With the Gain Switch to the right, you get an asymmetrical clipping that is very tube-like. It has slightly less Gain, but more output Volume. Next, we modified the typical tone control in our design to take off less high frequency, or have a more brilliant tone. We think this makes the pedal sound very lively. Each pedal, numbered and signed, will ship with special items to show your support for finding a Cure and driving your tone into high gear.

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