Guyatone NR-2 Noise Reducer

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One of the most dangerous enemies to a great guitar sound is unwanted line noise. Single coil pickups, long cable lengths, high-gain distortion pedals, lighting fixtures and other electrical devices can all lead to extraneous noise that will cannibalize your guitar's tone. The trouble is that getting rid of this unwanted noise can be a difficult, expensive, and time-consuming task. Many manufacturers have based their careers on marketing complicated noise reduction units that take up several rack spaces and can cost hundreds of dollars. At Guyatone, we prefer to take the simplest route to solving the problem - that's why we came up with the NR-2 Noise Reduction! This palm-sized workhorse is incredibly simple to use - Just one knob controls the Threshold level where the noise reduction circuit activates, and one LED tells you when it's at work. Set the Threshold control so that the LED flashes occasionally during play, and you're in business! For bigger problems, set the Threshold so that the LED lights continuously during play. The NR-2's advanced circuitry offers up to 20 dB of reduction, more than enough to tackle any unwanted line noise problem with ease!

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