Greer Amps Green Giant

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Greer Amps The Greer Amps Green Giant is one of our custom variations of our Black Fuzz. This version adds a "Clean Mix" control to the circuit. The Clean Mix control is actually a diode limiter. This control allows the user to put resistance between the clipping diodes in the circuit. What happens when you do that? sounds like you've mixed in some clean signal. That's why we labeled it that! As the Clean Mix control is increased, the distortion of the waveform decreases, and volume increases. This allows the user to dial in just the right amount of dirt. The pedal can be used as a lightly distorted boost, with the Clean Mix control dimed out, or it can be used to sound like a stock Black Fuzz with it all the way down. The settings between these two sounds add a whole different dimension to this circuit. Many guitar players have found this pedal to be the secret to their tone!


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