Electronic Orange Genuine Pig Face

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Genuine Pig Face is an exact replica of the legendary 60's silicon Fuzz Face by Dallas Arbiter. Fuzz Face is simply a legend. The clever, simple design provides a rich, thick, fuzzy sound with long sustain as well as the possibility to effectively control the amount of fuzz by the guitar volume knob. They were consecutively manufactured with germanium (late 60's - Jimi Hendrix first 5 albums, Pink Floyd, Cream ...) and silicon (early 70's - Jimi Hendrix band of Gybsys, Pink Floyd Meddle to WYWH ...) transistors. Comparing to the germanium, the silicon transistors are less noisy and their behaviour is not dependant on the temperature. They have also massive gain, which means that they are great deal fuzzier but also prone to oscillate while turned all the way up. The sound they provide bites a bit more than the smooth germanium. The silicon Faces are also more vulnerable to receive the unwanted radio transmission.


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