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The Electro-Harmonix Ring Thing is a single sideband modulator, presenting state-of-the-art modulation control to allow the user to explore a new sonic world that's both familiar and inventive. Complex modulations with interactive parameters create any sound your mind can imagine. From metallic sweeps to subtle color changes to unique and limitless modulations, the Electro-Harmonix Ring Thing effects pedal will become your sonic dream machine.Articulate pitch shifting, preset tuning, selectable waveforms and external control delivers sound designer mystery, with a Rock and Roll edge.The EHX Ring Thing effect pedal has four selectable modes that use either frequency or pitch shift modulation: Ring Modulation, Side Modulation, Single SidebandUpper Band, Single SidebandLower Band, and Pitch Shift. The ring modulator section builds upon the original EHX Frequency Analyzer, adding to it selectable carrier waveforms, sweepable filter, presets, and expression pedal control. Single-sideband modulation is a new effect based on ring modulation but with only one band present, making it a more harmonious effect. Finally, EHX added a powerful modulatable pitch shifter to this guitar pedal that can do detune effects, vibrato, chorus, transpose, or even whammy when you use an external expression pedal. Some possible samples and settings you can create with the EHX Ring Thing:Vibe-A-Tone: a control setting that produces a chorus/tremolo/vibrato effectBaritone guitar: thanks to pristine polyphonic pitch shifting, you can transform a standard tuned guitar into a baritone guitar or a 6-string bassDrop tuning with distortion: dropping a regularly tuned guitar down to B with the EHX Ring Thing and adding a distortion pedal afterwards produces a huge soundTremolo bar effects: adding an expression foot pedal to the Electro-Harmonix Ring Thing produces classic dive-bomb effects using any electric guitarThe Ring Thing guitar pedal set for two octaves above with an expression foot pedal produces contemporary pitch pedal effectsTunable moving harmony: pressing the tune switch while holding a not automatically tunes the Ring Thing to your guitarRing modulator you can play musically: all parameters including the tuning can be stored in presetsMulti-wave selection for modulation and Ring ModLow pass Filter for Ring Mod and single side band modesFine and depth control for frequency select and amountTune switch to adjust frequency to your pitchUpper and lower sideband isolationHigh quality whammy style effects with expression pedalPitch shifting with pitch modulation and vibratoFully programmable


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