Dwarfcraft Spectacular Aenima Distortion

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The Dwarfcraft Spectacular Aenima distortortion pedal delivers a zillion wicked tones that can now be yours. The 5-knob fuzz pedal is equipped with a toggle for a glitching mode, and a bypass footswitch, which you can put into the feedback loop controlling the intensity with the feedback dial. The Spectacular Aenima stompbox is loud, so watch out. Quench your thirst for sonic mayhem with the Spectacular Aenima's wide range of tones available thanks to the 2 gain knobs making for a fuzz pedal with lots of versatility. The Glitch mode is simply crazed-out fun. When activated, the tone begins to oscillate. The lower you have the gain, the sooner the oscillation kicks in. The Feedback Loop creates demented sounds of metallic distortion, from deep ugly growls to piercing squealsperfect tones for drone metal. Dwarfcraft's Spectacular Aenima is exactly thatspectacular. Order now and embrace the chaos of Dwarfcraft.Volume dialMidgain dialPregain dialTone dialFeedback dialGlitch toggleFeedback toggleLEDsBypass footswitch


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