Dr. Scientist Mini-Reverberator Silver Laser

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The Dr. Scientist Mini Reverberator packs the enormous space of 9 different reverbs into one, tiny box. This dimensionally challenged yet incredible sounding stompbox brings 24-bit A/D/A conversion, all analog dry signal, and selectable decay time to the plate and knocks it out of the park. The Dr. Scientist Mini Reverberator has 2 halls, 3 rooms, 3 plates, and a rotary speaker setting that will allow any reverb enthusiast to sit and meddle for days on end without repeating a sound. The dry signal remains analog from input to output and can be adjusted via the Mix knob so the base tone of the instrument is never colored or modified in any way. The 24 bit conversion keeps the digital path pristine and allows for spotless, high fidelity reverb sounds that can be blended with the dry signal. The Dr. Scientist Mini Reverberator utilizes advanced dimensional technology from the future (we're guessing) in order to fit all that space in this tiny box and any instrument is welcome to explore its boundaries. Dr. Scientist Mini Reverberator Features: 9 Reverb Types Toggle for Short/Long Decay Rotary Speaker Setting Up to +20 db of Gain Boost Standard -9vdc Operation (no batteries)


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