Digitech RP3

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For Guitarists, one of the great things about modern times is that we're not forced to cart around a bazillion effects pedals, with their sundry AC adapters and patchcords. What a pain that used to be! And those things weren't cheap! Now we've got cool pedals like this RP3 from Digitech that puts all the tonal coloration and manipulation you need at your fingertips. (Well, actually at your toe-tips, because this is a floor unit!) Now the really cool stuff. You can hook up to 9 effects at a time, including 3.5 seconds of delay. This is possible due to the S-DISCII processor that keeps the brain inside the RP3 humming along. Besides the guitar processing, there's a phrase recorder that lets you load in bits from an outside source, then play them back at your convenience, making them easier to learn. There's even an input for your cassette or CD player, which is mixed with the guitar sound allowing you to jam along with your favorite tracks. Finally, a chromatic tuner makes the RP3 a complete guitarists' tonal toolkit. This rig is designed for all guitarists who need a compact, economical set of processing components. Beginners and very casual players will appreciate the low price and long list of features. Jobbers will dig the fact that this thing is small. If you're a gonzo chops player, you'll want to look a little further up the Digitech ladder, because this is one of the entry level rigs. But if your needs are closer to the basic side, this piece is definitely for you.

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