Digitech HM2 Harmonyman Intelligent Pitch Shifter

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The DigiTech HM2 HarmonyMan features 4 different types of pitch shifting depending on which of the 42 different voices you select. Combine up to 2 distinct voices in any combination to accompany the input signal: a 3rd or 5th above or below, an octave up, 2 octaves below, 24 semitones and 4 detune variations. Simply play the songs you know and love, and when the spotlight cues your solo, hit the harmony footswitch to get amazing multipart guitar harmonies! Following up on the success and rave reviews of their Vocalist products, DigiTech decided to make an effects pedal with the same cool features but specifically designed for guitarists. With exclusive musIQ technology DigiTech combined the lightning-fast, natural sounding harmony generation made famous by the Vocalist pedals, and made it meet the demands of professional guitarists everywhere. SHIFTING MODES: Triad Center Shifting Mode Create musically correct harmonies based around your favorite chordal structure whether soloing a riff in a specific key or using the sidechain input for chord recognition. Scalic Shifting Mode Creates musically correct harmonies with various shifting depending on the harmony key. Fixed (chromatic) Shifting Mode Applies fixed harmony intervals to all notes with the fixed number of semitones selected. Detune Shifting Mode Get a thick overall sound applying a small fixed amount of pitch shifting to the lead guitar voice ranging from 5 cents to 30 cents in both up and down directions simultaneously. HARMONY KEY DISPLAY Indicates the key and scale that will be used for harmony note generation. When the musIQ button is enabled, these multicolored LED's show the key status as you play chord changes. TUNER DISPLAY Seven LED's and the Voice 1 display help you accurately tune your guitar. musIQ BUTTON Automatically recognizes the correct key and scale based on the chord progressions you play. Produces accurate harmonies every time! VOICE DISPLAYS Shows the active harmony voicings. When tuner is enabled, left display shows the current note being tuned. VOICE KNOBS Select the voicing for each harmony voice. HARMONY ON/OFF FOOTSWITCH Engage harmonies hands-free. Also, can be held down to engage the guitar tuner. STORE BUTTON Store your four favorite settings to memory for instant recall access. MIX KNOB Controls the mix between the lead guitar and the harmony, where full left gives just the lead guitar and full right gives just the harmony. MIX KNOB Controls the mix between the lead guitar and the harmony, where full left gives just the lead guitar and full right gives just the harmony. MEMORY SELECT FOOTSWITCH Easily cycle through your four custom presets. Press and hold this footswitch and strum a chord to set the key and scale - hands free! DISTORTION SEND/RETURN This loop lets you place a distortion stompbox before the harmony effect without affecting chord recognition of the Clean Input signal. GUITAR CLEAN INPUT Connect your unprocessed guitar here


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