Devi Ever: FX Torn's Peaker/Aenima

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OOH! It's a hybrid! What fun! All your favorite TP and AE tones in one box. Volume, that's the loud/quiet factor. ZAZZ, that's the "texture" or tone control from the TP and AE. The TP/AE lets you roll from the TP level of destruction at the 7 o'clock position, all the way to the more extreme level of distortion for the Aenima in the 5 O'clock position. PLUS there's a handy little switch to make things WORSE. When you flip that switch up you'll be rewarded with some static and noise, and also a fairly severe tonal shift. True, this pedal can bring you some milder overdrive and classic rocky distortion, but isn't it a lot more fun to make awful, cruel fuzz noise?


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