Chunk Systems Agent 00 Funk Mark II Bass Envelope Filter

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An updated version of Chunk Systems highly-acclaimed envelope filter, the Agent 00Funk Mark II trims some fat from the original design and leaves nothing but the funk! Housed in a smaller, sturdier chassis with a no-tools battery compartment, the Agent Funk will turn your electric bass, guitar, keyboard or virtually any mono sound source into instant funky fatness. Four independently variable parameters control a highly resonant, super linear 12 dB/octave low-pass filter that can go from super-smooth filtering to squelching sonic chaos. Control Voltage Out lets the Agent 00Funk control external devices, allowing for even further sonic mayhem. Hook it up in various combinations with the Brown Dog Gated Fuzz and achieve some of the most unique synth-bass sounds ever! If you’re serious about your funk, then the Agent 00Funk Mark II is your only serious choice in filters!

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