Celestial Effects VIrgo Rock Overdrive

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The Virgo Rock Overdrive is based on a dual opamp circuit with hard clipping. It produces a heavy, tight, in your face, saturated tone. The gain derived from this pedal can vary from a clean boost to all out near distortion, sustaining, crunchy tones with a plethora of versatility. Built like a tank using the best components available, including an aluminum powder coated enclosure, CTS pots and Neutrik jacks. Totally hand built, this pedal will keep you rocking for many years to come. The Virgo is a true bypass pedal and uses no buffers or inline tone circuits in its design. It features two paralleled TL082 opamp amplifiers to achieve its gain. The Virgo does not take over your tone but enhances it transparently. With the gain set one to one of your guitar signal, you will notice a fuller, clearer tone. With all the controls set to 10, crunchy, edgy and harmonically rich notes bounce of the fingerboard. Rolling back the EDGE control will smooth out the tone to your exact preference.  


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