Catalinbread Galileo MKII

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Brian May's tone has been the subject of many gear quests throughout history. Some players have been chasing just the right combinations of Rangemasters and Vox AC30s since they were able to make informed gear purchasing decisions. Some other players have foregone this setup entirely, relying on their ears to get them by without actually owning an AC30 or a Rangemaster variant. Now, a combination of these elements—the actual gear and an ear for detail—are available in one unit: the Catalinbread Galileo. Now, the front end of a Vox AC30 is available with a precision-tuned Rangemaster circuit to mix the perfect Brian May tone cocktail. Since the preamp circuit of the AC30 is intact within the Galileo (with JFET's instead of tubes), nothing is left to chance. And because a precision-engineered Rangemaster-style circuit hits an actual AC30 preamp, this IS the Brian May tone. The pedal behaves just like an amp, replete with all the complexities of the marriage. Your guitar's volume knob essentially acts as the fourth knob on the unit, as it's much more interactive with the Galileo than any other pedal. There's an amazing range to be found with starving the front end of output. Each Galileo is handmade in Portland, Oregon and wired for true bypass. It can be powered by either a 2.1mm center-negative 9v plug, and the current draw is low enough so that it is power supply-ready.​


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