Bigfoot FX Magnavibe

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The Magnavibe was inspired by the early 1960's vibrato guitar effect (not the typical tremolo which is just pulse modulation). The Magnatone amp was known for having that amazing wobbly sound. Setting out to put that type of sound in a box and use it with any amp took much experimenting. The results are excellent. This is not a plain one dimensional vibrato such as a chorus pedal with the dry mix removed. Delay chips weren't even used back then. Nor is it just another uni-vibe clone, but a unique sound with that classic unique tone. Adding spring reverb or delay after the vibrato sounds especially good. Check out the SOUND CLIPS . Definitely sample the youtube and sound clips with medium to big stereo speakers (tiny pc speakers will not reveal the huge wobbly throb this effect can achieve). The controls are 'depth' and 'speed'. The circuit is all analog and is true-bypass. The electronics are hand wired point to point. Only high quality components used. Much care is taken to make sure each unit sounds consistently the same. The finish is a yellow powder-coat , plus baked on logo/print (nice relic look). The LED is a clear yellow with a wide viewing angle. It can be powered by a 9V battery or 9V adapter. The power jack's center is negative and is the typical barrel size. (Adapter not included). 2 year warranty.


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