Behringer PB100 Preamp Booster

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With the Behringer Preamp Booster PB100 it doesnt matter what kind of electric instrument you're playing, you can push your sound to the next level. Nothing gets you there like the Preamp Booster PB100. Like a dose of sonic steroids, the PB100 can push a tube amp into a beautiful state of natural break-up, make piezo pickups sound punchy and powerful, or launch a righteous guitar solo through the stratosphere. With its dedicated Bass, Treble and Gain dials, the PB100 not only allows you to play louder, it also lets you add enhanced highs and lows to your sound. A super-bright LED tells you when it's activated, and the top-quality on/off switch maintains excellent signal integrity when operating in bypass mode. You can power the PB100 with either a 9-volt battery or our PSU-SB DC power supply (not included).Boost the volume and shape of your soundSwitch to turbo-mode when playing solosBoost up piezo pickups to match regular amplifier inputsDedicated Gain, Bass, and Treble controls for awesome sound shapingStatus LED for effect on/off and battery checkRuns on 9-volt battery or the Behringer PSU-SB DC power supply (not included)First-class electronic on/off switchHigh-quality components and rugged construction


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