AMT Electronics WH-1B - Optical Bass WAH-WAH Pedal

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Features overview Let us introduce you bass version of the current AMT bestseller optical wah-wah pedal WH-1 - WH-1B. Finally your bass can also do "wah-wah'!:) Tech talk AMT WH-1B is an optical version of a classic Bass guitar "WAH-WAH" effect with bandpass filter range selection (3-way switch). Optical frequency control increases the service life of the effect eliminating frequent replacements of maintenance and replacement of the control potentiometer. AMT WH-1B features low noise and expanded frequency tuning range due to the use of original JFET-based circuit design. AMT WH-1B boasts great versatile sound and processes both clean guitar sound and Ultra high gain overdrive equally well. AMT WH-1B features: 100% analog WAH-WAH effect; Fixed switching among bandpass filter ranges: 0.22-2kHz, 0.15-1kHz, 0.1-0.6kHz; True bypass; Fixed effect selection by pressing the movable front end part of the pedal; Removable support feet (the option is useful when you install the AMT WH-1B on the pedal board); Effect monitoring by using blue LEDs on both pedal sides (visible engaged AMT WH-1B mode); AMT WH-1B’s steel heavy body is stable and confidently responds to foot control; Adjustable pedal movement by means of an axial screw; Powered by DC adapter or 9-12V 9V battery; Low power consumption; Small size: 110mm x 62mm x 58mm (fits easily into your guitar case); Weight (without battery) 0.45 kg.


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