AboveGroundFX Venue Reverb

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Amazingly transparent and warm, Venue Reverb shames other digital boxes that dare to call themselves reverb. Minimum active circuitry in the dry signal path ensures super-clean yet warm tones. Utilizing many of the same analog circuits as the Rebote Delay, the Venue Reverb creates luscious illusions of acoustic space without the cold and jagged “I’ve run out of Prozac” feel associated with digital reverb. Simple Filter, Reverb and Mix controls allow you to dial in an astounding number of useable reverb sounds and effects from subtle to enormous, like the Rebote Delay, there is an element to Venue’s sound that is extremely psychologically pleasing. Perhaps if we had advanced degrees in Psycho-acoustic engineering we could explain it clearer, but it has to be experienced to understand. Venue’s output jack is one of those tricky TRS affairs that outputs stereo with a TRS insert splitter cable, doubling its trip-a-delic qualities. With such huge bandwidth, Venue works great with bass too.


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