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The Enabler is a dynamic bass preamp that is really 3 pedals in one: A musical 3-band EQ with enough gain to drive a power amp, a pristine balanced line driver, and a studio-grade headphone amplifier with an auxiliary input. This is the pedal that you will never want to be without. It took more than a year to design, and there are no compromises. The EQ is a broad, powerful tone shaping tool with switchable mid frequency and a deep switch for extra bottom. A 2 megohm input impedance insures that your tone will be strong and natural whether you are using a modern active bass or an upright with a piezo pickup.The balanced line driver is completely silent and can drive any load with ease. The headphone amp is so advanced that a special internal power supply had to be designed to handle it – no other pedal is using a power supply like this one. It’s simple for the end user though, as The Enabler works off a standard 9v DC center-negative supply. The aux input lets you connect your iPod or other device and mix it with your bass signal in the headphones. In the studio or on stage, the balanced XLR line driver will send a strong, clean signal into the mixing console. The Enabler is the perfect tool for the studio, stage or practice. Stick it in your gig bag and soon you won’t be able to live without it.


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