3Leaf Audio PWNZOR Optical Compressor

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The PWNZOR optical compressor is the perfect tool to get more punch and sustain in your tone. Unlike designs based on vintage pedal compressors, the PWNZOR is a high-fidelity design that is just as comfortable in the studio as it is on stage. It has internal charge pump circuitry to produce 18 volts of headroom from a standard 9 volt supply for plenty of clean headroom. The PWNZOR also uses my new relay bypass system for smooth switching from a soft-touch stompswitch. It automatically switches to bypass in the event of a power failure.There are controls for input sensitivity, output gain, attack speed, and ratio (some stompbox compressors call this sustain). There’s a “vintage” switch that switches the compressor to feedback mode – this changes the attack and release characteristics to get closer to the sound of classic compressors. Additionally, there are internal controls for input trim, release speed, and a true/buffered bypass switch. The LED doubles as a gain reduction meter for easy adjusting of compression settings. If you turn the input sensitivity all the way down, the PWNZOR turns into a fantastic clean boost with over 20 dB of clean gain.

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