Nobels AB-1  A/B Selector Box
Nobels AB-1 A/B Selector Box

The A/B-V lets you switch between 2 inputs (guitars) to one output or one input to two outputs (amplifiers or preamps). Set perfect volume levels as each channel has a separate volume control. 2 LEDs ...

Nobels CH-D Chorus
Nobels CH-D Chorus

Digital Stereo Chorus Impressive broad and swirling sounds. The digital design creates a better frequency range and less noise than conventional analog devices. Controls: Intensity, Speed, Resonance, ...

Nobels CO-2  Compressor
Nobels CO-2 Compressor

Low Noise Compressor / Limiter / Sustainer A must for controlled dynamics in clean guitar or bass sounds. The CO-2 can be used as a compressor, as a limiter or as a sustainer. It compresses and ...

Nobels DD-800 Digital Delay Pedal
Nobels DD-800 Digital Delay Pedal

Digital Delay with analog features! With the mode switch the max. delay time can be set to 200ms or 800ms. The fine adjustment can be set with the Time-Control. The Repeat-control leads the delayed ...

Nobels DT-1 Distortion
Nobels DT-1 Distortion

Straight Distortion Straight-as-straight-can-be Distortion. A must-have for every Hardrock or Heavy Metal player.

Nobels DT-SN Distortion Special
Nobels DT-SN Distortion Special

Distortion with EQ and Noise Gate An enhanced DT-1 with 3-band equalizer and adjustable noise gate.

Nobels FU-Z  Fuzz
Nobels FU-Z Fuzz

Back to the roots! Crunchy sounds plus the classic "chainsaw" distortion of the first transistor amps. Controls: Gain, Tone, Level Features: Input for remote switch, heavy metalhousing, low ...

Nobels MF-1  Midi Footcontroller
Nobels MF-1 Midi Footcontroller

Features: Easy to operate. 128 programs. Bank Mode and Direct Mode. Solid metal housing, big buttons and a very big display.

Nobels MF-2  Programmable Midi Footcontroller
Nobels MF-2 Programmable Midi Footcontroller

Features: Easy to operate as a standard Midi controller. Lots of additional functions for the specialist! 4 built-in relays for switching applications. 4 Expression pedals may be connected to the ...

Nobels ODR-1
Nobels ODR-1

The ODR-1 delivers a transparent, tube-amplifier like overdrive tone. This Nobels guitar effects pedal harbors the ability to produce drive tones from light grit to screaming crunch with a solid ...

Nobels ODR-1  Overdrive
Nobels ODR-1 Overdrive

Classic Overdrive with flexible Spectrum control Perfect for crunchy Best Rock and Blues sounds and extra boost. The natural character of your guitar comes through!

Nobels ODR-1 Plus
Nobels ODR-1 Plus

10 years ago we created a simple overdrive pedal with one major feature: Superb Sound! The ODR-1 has been in production ever since and become a classic. Nobels has now introduced a limited edition of ...

Nobels ODR-B  Bass Overdrive
Nobels ODR-B Bass Overdrive

Overdrive with EQ for bass guitar Moderate Drive emulates the classic sound of tube amplifiers. Higher Drive fattens perfect bass solo sounds. Controls: Drive, Level, Deep, Mid Hi Features: Input for ...

Nobels PH-D  Phaser
Nobels PH-D Phaser

Phase Shifter with flexible controls A classic analog Phaser for vintage sounds plus more! The typical phase shifting can be turned into very individual spaced-out sounds when tweaking the flexible ...

Nobels PRE-1  Preamplifier
Nobels PRE-1 Preamplifier

Flexible Preamp/Booster/Volume preset This flexible preamplifier can be used to boost the volume of an instrument when playing solo parts or to match piezo pickups to regular amplifier inputs. Because ...

Nobels RC-8  Remote Controller
Nobels RC-8 Remote Controller

Foot operated remote control for the MS-8 Simple stereo cable connection to the MS-8 (Max. cable length 25m)

Nobels TR-X  Tremolo
Nobels TR-X Tremolo

Vintage Tremolo plus more! This popular effect unfortunately cannot be found in most modern amplifiers. While Vintage Tremolo units usually deliver only one type of modulation, the TR-X gives you ...

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Nobels ODR-1

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Date: 05/01/2014 at 07:58 AM
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This is my always-on drive. I love this pedal and it will always stay on my board. So bassy and full ...