Frequently Asked Questions

I submitted a review, when will it be live?

Because human eyes look over all reviews and other types of submissions, we ask that you give us 24 hours to verify your review. We understand your excitement/frustration, but any alternative, automatic, approval process could leave the site filled with spam reviews not relevant to the needs of our members and visitors. Please know that we do not modify reviews based on the opinions contained within, but we do check for grammar, spelling and ensure that the review was done in earnest.

I submitted a pedal, but I still don't see it. Why?

Unfortunately, humans are the reason for your frustration. Pedal Finder is a pretty darn impressive (at least we think so) piece of coding, that will only grow in sophistication and attractiveness as time marches on. However, at the back end of all these zeros and ones you'll find mere humans. Sure, we could have created some algorithm that dissected each and every review or pedal submission and set it up to acknowledge or refuse these submissions by proxy, but that wasn't good enough. We knew from the start that if people took the time to leave nuanced reviews, opinions, photos and experiences up front, then we needed to tend to that personally in the back. Of course, this means that human eyes have to fall upon, comprehend and decide on each and every submission that is received. This takes time. That's why we ask for 24 hours to look over your submission before you send an email of inquiry. Trust us, if we are confused or don't understand something about what you submitted, we'll send an email requesting more information from you.

When I review a pedal, should I focus on how I think it could be used or how I specifically use it?

Unlike the other aspects of your life, Pedal Finder is all about you. Every question that is asked, every answer that is sought, is directed at you and your experience. We all know that a Line 6 DL4 crosses genres easier than a high-gain signal through a true bypass pedal. We want to know how YOU use the DL4. We want to know what amp YOU are using with the Strymon BlueSky. We want to know what pickups YOU use with the TC Electronics Hall of Fame. Only when we get information, unique to all of YOU, will Pedal Finder reach its highest potential.

Why do some artist tag pages have descriptions and some don't?

In an effort to become an all encompassing hub of information for guitar and bass effects, Pedal Finder is in the process of linking artist tags to their corresponding Wikipedia pages. If you don't see a description for a specific band or artist, either they don't yet have a Wikipedia page, or we have not yet linked the page to them. Rest assured, we are working as fast as we can to make all available information available on Pedal Finder.

Why are there no prices?

Pedal Finder is a resource for musicians searching for guitar and bass effects pedals which combines user submitted data and manufacturer specifications to create a centralized, comprehensive database that makes finding new effects easy, efficient and more reliable. Pedal Finder is not a retail store. However, we would be remiss in our efforts if we did not also include outlets for you to purchase the pedal you've newly discovered.

Where does the graph information come from?

From you and everyone else that leaves a pedal review! The graphs represent the collection of answers we've received on individual pedal reviews. Genre, pickup, instrument, amp, application. All of the information contained within these graphs come directly from the people who use and review the pedals. It's powerful stuff and it can really help guide you to your next pedal. But, don't think that means we want the graphs to stop you from experimenting with how your Big Muff fits into your new folk band. They are only meant to inspire -- not define.